Administrative Conditions
By the end of 2017, it administered 1 sub-district (Luyang Sub-district), 6 towns (Feixianguan Town, Siyan Town, Longmen Town, Taiping Town, Dachuan Town and Shuangshi Town) and 2 townships (Qingren Township and Baosheng Township). It set up 7 community residents' committees, 40 villagers' committees, 255 villagers' groups and 28 residential areas. It had a total population of 119,021, including 64,100 urban residents and 54,900 rural residents. It had a Han population of 118,686, accounting for 99.72% of the total population; and a population of ethnic minorities of 335, including Hui, Tibetan and Yi, accounting for 0.28% of the total population.